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CD Projekt becomes Europe’s second biggest video game company, market valuation surpassed $8 billion.

CD Projekt is an insane powerhouse. Last month, it was reported by that the Polish company was valued at $6.8 billion. The company now jumps to an unreal $8 billion, [...]
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Embracer Group, parent company of THQ Nordic has 96 games in development across 26 game studios, 56 are unannounced.

Embracer Group has announced they have 96 games in development across 26 studios, and over 50 of them are unannounced. Last year, the company had 80 games in development and [...]
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CCP cancels another EVE Online shooter, announces a new EVE Online shooter.

Excuse my language for a second, but what in the actual fuck is going on at CCP? The studio has canceled another EVE Online shooter known as Project Nova. After [...]
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Interview: THQ Nordic talks Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Jack of All Controllers had the absolute pleasure of asking a few questions to Martin "Is mayonnaise an instrument?" Kreuch, Producer at THQ Nordic. Announced at E3 2019, Purple Lamp [...]
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Disney’s acquisition of FOX resulted in 2 Alien games getting canceled.

Defunct studio Boss Key Productions' Cliff Bleszinski and 3D Realms Vice President Frederick Schreiber both had Alien games canceled thanks to the acquisition of FOX by Disney. The pair had [...]
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Moon Studios has no interest in being acquired, loves creative freedom and not having to sell out.

On ResetEra, Game Director at Moon Studios Thomas Mahler spoken out about why the studio hasn't sold out to Microsoft. When an Era user posted this on the Xbox Game [...]
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Opinion: The backlash surrounding Untitled Goose Game’s GOTY win at the DICE Awards shows how much gamers don’t appreciate the interactive entertainment medium.

House House's breakthrough hit Untitled Goose Game won Game of the Year at the 2020 DICE Awards, and unfortunately it's sad to say that gamers have been pissing and moaning [...]