Hello it’s Jmac and with all of the Pokémon hype lately I’ve decided to give you guys some tips on how to succeed at Pokémon games. Note these are my tips and I’m sure you may agree or disagree with them, so leave a comment down below telling what are your tips and whether you agree or disagree with mine.

It will be composed of: one battling tip, one strategy tip and one adventuring tip!

Tip #1 Always have the type advantage!

The first tip is a battling one! That’s right, this is how I form a team! Don’t forget to always to have your team composed of Pokémon you love and fight with the ones you want! But since it’s always key to type diversify your team! Why? Because it’ll give you a serious advantage when battling! I’ve played many Pokémon games and at the heart of my strategy is always having the type advantage. Whenever I’m battling I ensure that I have at least one move in my team that is super effective. No matter who I’m battling, I’m sure to always have the advantage. This strategy works in many ways because: even if you’re under leveled you can win, it can be the key to winning a close battle, it can easily make battles quicker, it gives a sense of confidence… How do you achieve it? Simple, have a team with different types and have your Pokémon learn different moves from different types. Have that water Pokémon you love? Well give it an Ice Beam and you’re set vs Flying types. The list goes on and on. I encourage finding a lot moves and seeing which moves your Pokémon can learn. The goal is to simple variate your move set so no matter what you’re never at a disadvantage!


Tip #2 Know your opponent before big battles!

You’ve made it to the league, soon you will face the strongest trainers in the region. Big battles lay ahead. The best way to be prepared is to study your opponent. That’s right, in the age of the internet and guide books you can get info on the upcoming battles! If you don’t want to be spoiled be careful throughout your adventure as you might get hints as to which type the elite four will be! If you don’t then I highly recommend you go on the internet (sites like serebii.com and bulbapedia.com) to check exactly what the opponent(s) has like Pokémon. Don’t forget their moves as well, some Pokémon can learn moves that are super effective vs types that they are weak too! Once you’ve checked, either formulate a battle strategy or be aware of everything you’ve learnt about your opponent. Trust me battles will go smoothly by checking in advance your opponent. Now you know what to do, it’s battle time!

Tip #3 Early leveling up is key!

You’ve gotten this awesome new Pokémon game, you can’t wait to start adventuring! Now you have your first starter, best pal forever! But wait there’s this grassy area, you can only slowly walk and you can only skip “useless battles”. Stop right there bud. Trust me these aren’t useless at all. See these initial areas may seem annoying with easy battles but if you battle, you’ll quickly realize that in 4 battles you’ll gain a level. The first gym can be hard depending on your starter or even just cause there isn’t much between the time you get your starter and your first gym battle. That’s why I highly recommend you spend time levelling up initially, when it’s easy and not too time consuming, rather than wait and have it be more annoying and longer. Stronger Pokémon initially goes a long way with that you’ll be sure you to have fewer issues later on. Trust me, it’s worth it.

That’s it for these tips! I’ll see you next time for more Pokémon tips!

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