China is a new frontier in gaming for us. We, as gamers, seek experiences we could only dream of being in. But what if we were in a situation to have gone wrong? That is where Evotinction comes into place as we see the split between Evolution and Extinction come into play. When technology is threatening the human race, can we survive against what we built? That is why I set out to ask Gu Xing Yan, producer of the game at Spikewave Games;

What is it like working with Sony Interactive Entertainment? More so, how do you feel to be given this opportunity?

SIE China has really provided us with a lot of support, from trivial problems to big decisions. And they always think from our perspective, which we really really appreciate.   

Directing my attention over to Evotinction, what year is this game set in? What was the inspiration behind this game.

You asked a very good question. Evotinction is set in the near future, though I don’t want to spoil more, the year and location won’t be directly pointed out in our game. It asks the player to figure it out since it actually serves some importance to the story.

As for inspiration, it’s actually the movie Interstellar from Christopher Nolan. Nolan described a scenario where mankind had their biggest burden – the survival of the species – on just a few people’s shoulders. And thus they had to make very difficult decisions, which lends the movie some very strong emotional weight. So we want to capture at least a little of that strong impact in our game.

How did the entire concept of technology being a threat come to be? Is that something you feel can potentially happen in the future?

The threat of something taking mankind’s place has always been there. We thought if we took inspiration for our threat from people’s daily life, it would be more interesting. The concept of EVOTINCTION actually formed on December, 2015. And not long after we kicked off the project, the AlphaGo and Lee Sedol match was all over the internet. That actually helped us to understand how people think about technology as a threat.

Is this game PS4 Pro Enhanced? Can we expect 4K or HDR out of this if so?

We are working on it. We are still balancing the visual result, like we want more material details or fancier UI. It’s always about finding the right balance.

When should we expect a North American date or is that too far out?

It won’t be “that far” away, but it won’t be anytime soon either. Thank you for your patience.

Can we potentially see this game release on other platforms once the game ships?

For now, the PS4 release is all we are thinking about.

I surely am very excited for Evotinction, stealth games are my jam!


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