Space. An empty, ever expanding universe just waiting to be explored. But when a threat comes to plunder all the valuable goods in the universe. Can you stop them?

(please be aware that this interview is with Chinese developers so their English might not be as good as a native speaker, so if something seems off, that is why)

What does working with the China Hero Project mean for you guys?

China Hero Project offered us a great propaganda platform and introduce us a great many business collaborators. It helps a lot. CHP is a kind of start booster for us and made our job easier at the beginning.

How is the gaming landscape in China?

The gaming landscape in China is complicated. It is an uncharted space for us. Uncharted means it could be a great deal of possibility for us but also desperate cold wind exists. For now, may be wintering is the properly word for China game industry. Although we have the biggest gamer population and the world class game company but most of the Chinese gamer still remain light user.

When does the closed test begin?

Our closed beta will set up soon (I’m afraid I can’t tell the exact time). Test player will pick by SIE, and the number of test play will be no more than 5k.   

What is the projected date for America?

Project Boundary will release worldwide in second half of 2019

Is Project Boundary the full name of the game?

Project Boundary is not the final name of our game, it will change before game release.

I see Project Boundary also supports PlayStation VR. What made VR seem interesting enough to develop this game for it?

VR tech is one of the direction of future gaming so we will do some trials on VR content. However, main content (traditional content) will always be our most priority. Therefore, there will be no VR content while game initial released (will depend on following developing).   

Does this title support PS4 Pro? Can we expect 4K or HDR?

Yes, it sure does. Perhaps it will support in later version. (NO 4K or HDR for now)

Is this game a PlayStation exclusive or can we expect it to hit other platforms?

We will consider developing PC version in the future.


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