The season 1 battle pass launches today at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT (4 AM AET on March 20) and already players are voicing disgust about how bland the rewards are and how the challenges are not as complex compared to “Fortnite”.

As taken from the EA blog, devs talk about why they created the battle pass in the fashion they presented it in. Here is what was said:

Hey All,
Leeeeeee-RSPN here with a quick post on Battle Pass Season 1 philosophies – where we are with the first iteration of Battle Pass and where we might go in the future.

Battle Pass Season 1 Philosophy

TL;DR Season 1 is about keeping it focused and allowing players to earn a lot of rewards at a great value (you even get the cost of the base Battle Pass back if you reach level 97).  We’ll begin adding more and more innovations each season, as we evolve the Battle Pass.

Our first Battle Pass is all about letting you continue to learn and experiment with the core Apex Legends experience while earning awesome loot at the same time. You’ll notice the first version isn’t built around a complex quest system where you need to do a 720 backflip off of Watchtower Artemis and get two Wingman headshots before hitting the ground. While we think there’s really cool design space in quests and challenges for future Battle Passes, we wanted the initial version to allow our players to just play and learn the game.

All of the rewards in the Wild Frontier Battle Pass are exclusive to Season 1 and will never return to the game after the season ends (excluding Apex Packs and the content dropped in them).

We’ve added a Battle Pass progression bonus tied to playing a variety of characters, because we believe true mastery in Apex Legends means being a badass with anyone in any situation at any time. This season is about exploring the new meta and variety of team comps driven by the launch of our first new Legend, Octane.

In terms of rewards, we’ve tried to create a Battle Pass where first-time spenders can get a strong base of weapon and character cosmetics to fill out their initial collection at a deep discount. In addition, we’ve included our first ever three-stage evolving Legendary Havoc weapon skin (for veterans who are looking for the new hotness), as well as Epic and Legendary Apex Packs. These rewards are all in addition the 1,000 Apex Coins you can earn through the Battle Pass, which you can put towards unlocking the next Battle Pass.

Future Battle Pass Thinking

As a studio, we’re always striving to innovate like we did with our Ping system, the Jumpmaster, Respawning, and more. We look to do the same with our Battle Pass. Season 1 is just the first version on a long road of improvements, updates and tweaks.  We have a lot of cool ideas in the works, but we want to hear yours too, so let us know on RedditTwitter, wherever. We’re listening.

I really hope that the battle pass livens up because if the rewards are dry then people will be less enticed to continue playing and eventually draining the player-base. So far the new legend “Octane” is not paired and locked behind the battle pass which was some players concerns.

You can catch the Apex Legends Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins. This will set you back $9.99 USD in the shop. You can also purchase the “Battle Pass Bundle” for 2,800 Apex Coins and get the Battle Pass, plus unlock your next 25 levels instantly. Octane is also available to purchase for 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins just like his counter parts Mirage and Caustic.

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