Google Stadia is a video game streaming service made by Google.


The controller will have a decidacted screenshot button and a Google Assistant button.

With Stadia, you can click on a Play Now button and it instantly jumps you into the game. There is no box and is a streaming only service.

Supported devices:

  • ChromeCast
  • Andoid phones
  • Android TV
  • Laptops
  • PCs

DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers will work on PC and laptops.

The streaming service will have 4K, HDR, and Surround Sound at launch and can eventually support 8K and 120fps.

It will run on Linux server use and will have 10.7TF of power and 16GB of Ram.

Cross-Play confirmed for Stadia as well.

Google also announces a new studio: Stadia Games and Entertainment, headed by Jade Raymond. They will work will internal and external video game developers to create games for the platform.

Google Stadia will launch first in the US, Canada, UK, and most of Europe in 2019. More information this summer.

No pricing was given at the event.

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