There has been overwhelming support for indie games for the Nintendo switch and every year we are surprised more and more by the incredible amount of variety present. This spring was no different with new and old faces this year is shaping up to be another great year for our wonderful indie developers. Here are all the titles announced for this Nindies Spring Showcase for the Nintendo Switch along with the full presentation

Cuphead: Cuphead features one or two players taking control of animated characters Cuphead and his brother Mugman to fight through several levels that culminate in boss fights as to repay their debt to the devil. The game launches April 18th.

Overland: Fight off scary creatures, rescue stranded survivors, and scavenge for supplies in Overland, a post-apocalyptic, turn-based survival game coming in Fall 2019

Neo Cab: As one of the last human rideshare drivers in a near-future, AI-driven world, you must choose your passengers and words wisely to learn their stories – and uncover the truth about your own in Neo Cab in Summer 2019

My Friend is Pedro: Devolver Digital and Deadtoast deliver what is undoubtedly the first game about friendship, imagination and one man’s struggle to obliterate anyone in his path at the behest of a sentient banana.  This game will be a Nintendo Exclusive dropping in June 2019

The Red Lantern: Timberline Studios, Inc., challenges players to survive the Alaskan tundra with a team of five sled dogs. This game is set in Nome, Alaska, where you play as The Musher as she sets out to train for the grueling Iditarod race. With your trusty crew of dogs, navigate the ever-changing landscape and events in the Alaskan wilderness as you find your way home. The game is mushing to Nintendo Switch in 2019

RAD: As a teenage protagonist, players must journey into the Fallow, an ever-changing, procedurally generated wasteland that holds the secrets of the past and answers for the future. Here, radioactive toxins will randomly mutate your character, giving you powerful new abilities that challenge you to constantly adapt your play style. RAD launches this summer.

Nuclear Throne: Fight your way through the wastelands with powerful weaponry, collecting radiation to mutate some new limbs and abilities. All these things and more you could do if only you were good at this game. Can you reach the Nuclear Throne? This game blasts on the Nintendo Switch today for $17.99 USD on the Eshop

Candence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NercroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda: This dungeon-crawler’s gameplay is fundamentally tied to its music. You move on the beat, and so too do your enemies, making every encounter an elaborate dance. Get the steps right and it’s a thing of beauty. In the latest rhythmic action-adventure from Brace Yourself Games, you can enjoy the gameplay of Crypt of the NecroDancer in the setting of The Legend of Zelda series. Keep the beat and keep Hyrule from meeting certain doom when Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda arrives this spring.

Stranger Things 3: Play through and delve deeper into the events of Stranger Things 3 in a retro-style adventure game from BonusXP. Explore Hawkins, solve puzzles and team up with a friend in local co-op to battle the emerging evils of The Upside Down as one of twelve playable characters from the hit original series. The game launches on Nintendo Switch on July 4, the same day the third season debuts on Netflix.

Darkwood: Acid Wizard Studio and Crunching Koalas set their survivor horror game in East-Central Europe, in a forest possessed by unknown evil forces.The world of Darkwood is procedurally-generated, the locations and events will vary for each play-through and player. There’s no linear path in these woods, so proceed with caution and know each decision will impact you—and the inhabitants—of Darkwood. The game launches on Nintendo Switch in May for $14.99 USD.

Swimsanity!: Swimsanity! is a multiplayer underwater shooter with action-packed Co-Op and Versus game modes, all supported by online and local play. You play as the hero Mooba, who uses a variety of unique power ups and weapons to survive in this aquatic world.

Bloodroots: Paper Cult Gives a crazy twist on Western revenge. In Bloodroots, the world is your weapon – improvise and adapt to an ever-changing ballet of ultraviolence, in a bloody revenge quest across the Weird West when it launches for the Nintendo Switch this summer.

Pine: Pine is an open-world action adventure simulation game. Take on the role of Hue, a brave young adult who belongs to the last remaining tribe of humans on the island of Albamare. Find your way through an ever-changing world in which all creatures have lives, goals and quests of their own. This game is out on the Nintendo Switch August 2019.

Creature in the Well: Creature in the Well is a top down pinball inspired hack and slash dungeon crawler. As the last remaining BOT-C unit, venture deep into a desert mountain to restore power to an ancient facility, haunted by a desperate Creature. Uncover and upgrade powerful gear in order to save the city of Mirage from a deadly sandstorm. This game will be available in the Summer of 2019.

Blaster Master Zero 2: The side-scrolling/top-down hybrid action adventure gameplay returns with a brand new sequel to “Blaster Master Zero”!Experience the yet-untold story of Jason and Eve after defeating Earth’s mutant scourge as they venture into the depths of space in their new battle tank, “GAIA-SOPHIA” today on the Nintendo Switch for $9.99 USD!

Super Crate Box: Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box is coming to bring back the glory of the golden arcade age, when all that really mattered was getting on that high score list. Grab your baseball cap and loosen your pants, it’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with tight controls, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack. Out on the Nintendo Switch April 2019

Vlambeer Arcade with ULTRABUGS: Vlambeer Arcade is a collection of bite-sized games with a growing catalog that starts with ULTRABUGS, a fast-paced, high-score-centric game in which players pilot a ship to fight endless space bugs. This game will come to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Also to celebrate indie games (and their creators!), Nintendo is offering discounts of up to 30 percent on select indie games currently available in Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. The sale runs from 10 a.m. PT on March 20 until 8:59 a.m. PT on March 27, and includes standout games like Firewatch from Campo Santo Productions and Yoku’s Island Express from Villa Gorilla and Team 17.

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