So by now, the Dark Souls is very renown and an infamous series. I’m sure you’ve heard about it, especially the difficulty of the games. Perhaps you have tried them out without much luck or even gave up due to frustration. Don’t worry. I’ve been there. A lot of the fans of the series has, and I believe now after playing through all of them including Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne, I feel like it’s one of the most crucial game series to try and play through.

I fell head over heels with the series thanks to Demon’s Souls. It saved me from a lengthy lull in my gaming past when I was completely tired of just everything out there and needed something new. After Demon’s Souls had to try Dark Souls and the rest is history. But you may be wondering; why am I suggesting you should play the series? Aside from the fantastic lore, breathtaking landscapes, and the overwhelming yet amazing boss battles? Let me tell you.

The Dark Souls series has taught me one thing that no other games series has drilled into my head quite the same- my patience and adaptability with games. Whenever I used to play games, I wouldn’t take my time trying to get to the end goal. I wouldn’t stop and smell the roses, I wouldn’t try to take roads off the beaten path, and most importantly I wouldn’t try to look at mistakes I was making in harsh situations and learn from them. Thanks to this series I’ve learned to take my faults and learn from them and use my mistakes to make myself better. This not only applies to stuff in video games but in real life situations as well. I take a more in-depth look at mistakes I’ve made and analyze them so I can learn from them, and use those solutions in other problem-solving methods.

Not to mention the analyzing and problem-solving skills, but everyone can feel a sense of victory and accomplishment whenever they overcome a problem they can’t get around. This series is full of small and large victories of you finally overcoming a problem that you’ve may have been working to solve for minutes, or even hours. Not to mention finding hidden paths, customizing a build with new weapons and armors you’ve discovered, and just taking in some of the fantastic views these games offer. I’m not saying the Dark Souls Series is for everyone, but I do think everyone should give them a solid shot before passing on them.

The small and large victories, overcoming challenges brought forth to me, and some of the coolest boss and enemy designs are why this series is so important to me. Back before playing any of the Series, I would have never thought that any form of video games would have taught what I think are some pretty cool life lessons. I guess I typically enjoy games more because of this series because I was prepared to slow down and to take everything in. Do you have any series that has taught you similar life lessons? Something you’ve taken to heart and has made you a better person? Gaming is a pretty crazy media so reach out and let me know if you’ve had experiences similar to this; I am certainly interested in hearing them!


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