Eurogamer has reported in an article that their sources are confirming that two new Switch models will be coming out. The Wall Street Journal initially reported that two new Switch models would be coming out but it appears Eurogamer has their own sources confirming this.

Tom Phillips of Eurogamer has said the following:

Speaking to Eurogamer, sources close to Nintendo have confirmed the report backs up what they have heard, too. In principle, Nintendo is hoping to cater to the same two audiences it eventually evolved 3DS to serve with 2DS and New 3DS XL.

On the cheaper option, first, yesterday’s report suggested it would be aimed at casual gamers currently still using Nintendo’s 3DS. The company is keen to move these players over to Switch – many of them Nintendo’s youngest fans, who have been bought cheaper versions of the 3DS.

But rather than comparing it to a 3DS, Nintendo is, I’m told, keen to recapture the 2DS value proposition. Similar to 2DS, the unit’s design will be sturdier than the current Switch model in order to be “kid-proof”.

Costs will be driven down by the removal of several features. Yesterday’s report mentioned the system’s rumble would be cut to save costs – although it was unclear if this referred to the Switch’s unique and more expensive HD Rumble, or any kind of vibration feature at all.

For more information check out the rest of their article:




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