(This article is just speculation)

Two revisions of the Nintendo Switch have been heavily rumored this week. There is apparently going to be a cheaper, portable-only model of the Switch, and a more expensive, upgraded model. I’d like to give my realistic hopes and predictions for each of the consoles.

Switch Mini: I think the cheaper Switch would be around $200, and be aimed more at kids. I feel like it’d be more durable like the 2DS and it would not come with a dock, however I think you’d be able to buy a dock separately. I would expect it to be compatible with Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers, but the console would not have detachable controllers. This would make some games such as Super Mario Party incompatible without buying separate Joy-Cons, but you could play it with them. I also think it’d still have a kickstand but the screen and overall device would be smaller. This model would probably have better battery life and might lose a few small features. I’m not really sure what else it would do but I think it would be compatible with every Switch game. I probably would not buy this as I already have a switch and see not point in downgrading.

Switch Pro: This Switch model is much more interesting to me, and there’s a lot more potential with it. I think this model would be around $400-500 depending on how much it adds. I’d expect this model to be significantly more powerful than the current Switch, with it being a bit more powerful than a Xbox One X at the least. I feel like this console could also do 4K upscaling, but would run most games in 1080p60. I think many games would have a patch updating them so they could run better on this model, and most future games would run better on it too. I also feel like this console will have a 1080p screen in handheld mode. I think this model will still have the same detachable Joy-Cons, but it’d have a screen with smaller bezels. I would not be surprised if this model has some games that only run on it too, such as the rumored Red Dead Redemption 2 port. I don’t think many first party games would be like that but I could definitely see a few games being exclusive to it, especially on the third party side. Overall, I think this would be a great upgrade for more hardcore gamers, and I’d hope it would run third party games such as Doom Eternal with the same settings as an Xbox One. I am very interested in this model and I’d probably pick it up.

Overall, I think there’s lots of potential with these new Switch models and I can’t wait to see more. Hopefully the rumored reveals at E3 2019 are true and they release this year.


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