Earlier today, the official Capcom UK Twitter account tweeted out a video with a caption of “A new challenger appears. Tune in tomorrow for a special announcement.” The video contains footage of a few games, one of which is Darkstalkers, the 2D one on one fighting game which features monsters. The first game in the series, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors was released in 1994. Street Fighter II is also shown, as well as Giga Wing. Giga Wing was originally an arcade shooter released in 1999, then it was ported to the Dreamcast in 2000. Footage is also shown of two games that have never been on anything outside of arcades. Alien vs. Predator, the 1994 arcade game was shown, seemingly confirming that for the first time it will exist outside of arcade machines. The shooter Progear, which also only exists in arcades, also had footage shown. It looks like we will be getting an announcement of a new retro compilation, which should arrive on modern consoles and PC.

What do you think about this tease? What other games do you hope are in this compilation? Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter!


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