The new Anniversary update arrives tomorrow with new adventures, some PVP, and more achievements for a total of 1,000 gamerscore.

Shores of Gold is the new big story expansion that offers new locations, adventures, and gameplay features. Shores of Gold will go deeper into the lore of the pirate world. This new adventure isn’t the last expansion. Rare has said that this is only the beginning and to expect more updates and adventures in the future.

Along with more story content, we will be introduced with a new player vs. player mode. Head to The Arena with your crew for the new competitive experience and go head to head with other crews and test your pirate skills.

Another new feature is the Hunter’s Call Trading Company. The Hunter’s Call will offer fishing and cooking challenges for some gold and even some new cosmetic rewards.

Sea of Thieves servers will be down tomorrow starting at 10AM and ending around 4PM BST.

Grab your crew and explore the new features and adventures for yourself!

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