Many gamers were excited about the announcement of Halo MCC finally making its way to the PC. Although anxious, they also had some questions. One of the more obvious ones being asked is if there will be an option at launch or post launch for cross-play between PC and console. No one has really gave a definite answer, but we may have just got the answer we’ve been waiting for about crossplatform play.

Community Director Brian Jarrard of Halo at 343 Industries responded to a question off of Twitter. The question was simple. Will MCC have cross platform capabilities at all between console and PC?

Brian Jarrard: “Progression, unlocks, stats, etc.. will carry over between PC/console. In terms of playing together crossplatform, currently not planned for launch but it’s something the team is accounting for and will evaluate over time”

Halo MCC does not have an official release date yet for PC.

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