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Perhaps something that happens a few times every decade is a game that just deserves to be on top of the world. In recent years we had LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft, both of which allow creators to make their own levels, worlds, and things along those lines. Media Molecule, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Guilford studio over in the beautiful UK is back at it again with their first game in over 5 years. Dreams makes me happy for gaming. It truly, unequivocally is about to change the world as we know it. I’m sitting here in my room just seeing all these magnificent creations that show the talent of so many people. From FPS titles to RPGs to odd little tech demos, I just fell in love with everything on display. 

Creators, I feel one day, will gather some of their best creations and pitch them to developers to help direct a game or become apart of the writers. That is without question. We’re talking PS3 indie Sony title amazing like Journey and The Unfinished Swan in terms of weirdness and creativity. It’s honestly beautiful to see what can become of a person’s mind when they are given the right tools. 

Here are just a few examples of what the community has created: 

I played a pool dream and was instantly in shock at how far the creator was able to push the visuals to levels I never knew would be possible in Dreams. Then there was a dream where you played as a pink fluff ball in a platformer and it was one of, if not the best dream I have played yet. What people have been thinking of is insane.

The creativity won’t stop anytime soon either, since there is a massive factor that we are missing here: VR. Once the game launches, Dreams users will be able to make games and experiences for PS VR owners which can unlock a whole new depth of creations. Take Astro Bot Rescue Mission, the game simply wouldn’t work without VR. The magic is in that virtual space and I know that Dreams creators will find a way to make magical, not possible without VR games. Being able to look around corners in horror titles or turning your head around to see a ship behind you in a space experince, having the ability to feel like you’re holding a gun, and so much more just make gaming in VR so much better.

Dreams is out now in Early Access with a launch scheduled to be later this year exclusively on PS4 and PS VR.


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