• About the game:
    • Developer: Rebellion
    • Publisher: Rebellion
    • Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
    • Release Date: May 14th, 2019
    • Price: $34.99 ($9.99 for PC gamers who are owners of the original game)
    • Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch


Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! Now let’s kill some Nazis.

Sniper Elite V2 was a game that no doubt many of you should already be familiar with. The “ASSASSINATE THE FÜHRER” DLC mission gained a LOT of traction online, and even I’ve got to admit there is something really satisfying about seeing Hitler get his testicles blown off in slow motion from 100 yards away. Ultimately that’s what this game excels at; gratifying kills with an in depth sniping system. However, before I jump the gun, let’s examine this game and pick it apart piece by piece before we put a number on it.

Let’s start with the improvements made in this new remastered version of the game. We got all the usual improvements such as improved lighting and rendering effects, textures, resolution, and all the original game’s DLC included all in one package. The Nintendo Switch version also adds some neat new features like motion controlled aiming (which is a godsend in handheld mode) and HD rumble. The game also includes the full Multiplayer mode from the original game as well which is a welcome addition. Since I played a pre-release version of the game, I wasn’t able to play on public servers but playing in local play, it’s all here exactly as it was in the original release but also including all the DLC. The Multiplayer component translates that satisfying sniper gameplay very well into a multiplayer setting and assuming the servers work at launch, it’s an experience I highly recommend giving a try at least once.

Now, speaking of that “satisfying sniper gameplay” let’s discuss it for a moment because it’s the foundation that this entire game is build upon. The sniping itself is very well done, and has multiple modes to select between that will change how the ballistics work. You have the basic mode which removes bullet drop and makes things more point and click and at the other end of the spectrum, you have a mode that makes things as realistic as possible. I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff so I always play with the most “realistic” mode available, and it’s very gratifying to line up that perfect shot and watch it all play out in slow motion on the bullet cam.

Everything that isn’t sniping, however, is honestly pretty rough.

It definitely seems like all the effort was put into making the sniping as visceral as possible, because every other gun is so lifeless and hard to control. The same can be said for the stealth mechanic as well. Enemy AI is fairly poor, so during combat that leads to things like enemy soldiers running into walls, or in circles, or them just standing still doing nothing as you line up your shots on them. However, this also leads to some frustrating stealth as they’re either blind as a bat, letting you knife up all their buddies standing right next to them, or they see you from 2 miles away and alert every soldier in Germany of your position. If it wasn’t for the stellar sniping, I would say the gameplay is quite poor. Luckily the sniping is so good that it helps balance things out considerably.

The campaign itself is a decent enough time. It was pretty short all things considered, taking me about 8 hours to complete the campaign. I definitely enjoyed my time with it, like I said, the sniping is so satisfying, it’s just the rest of the experience that isn’t up to par. The story itself is passable, and shows some interesting sides to things. The angle of trying to stop the V2 rocket technology (hence the name of the game being Sniper Elite V2) from getting into the wrong hands makes for a decent, high stake, “trapped behind enemy lines” story.

If you only take one thing away from this review, it’s that this game is worth it for the sniping alone. It really does feel amazing to get those long range kills and have the whole game go slow motion as you follow the bullet through the target (similar to the more recent Mortal Kombat games). However, the rest of the game is pretty generic. It’s hard to recommend as a complete package, but I’m confident that most of you will at least have an enjoyable time with this game.

I know I did.


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