When we reported last month that Sony Interactive Entertainment America was hiring for audio engineer to work at Insomniac Games, we knew something was going down over here at Jack of All Controllers. Now, the PlayStation giant posted more job listings in the span of 24 hours.

The first on LinkedIn is for an Audio Designer while the secondary post is for a Senior Audio Designer.

The job posting for the Senior Audio Designer says:

Responsible for being an active and key contributor for the creative direction and style for audio assets and workflow processes throughout a production cycle. Creates, edits, and implements game-ready audio. Works closely with the rest of the audio team to maintain a high level of quality and consistency of assets.

So, it seems like the next major PlayStation exclusives from Insomniac Games has entered production with all these listings. Colin Moriarty has said that more Ratchet & Clank would hit on PS4 and Spider-Man set itself up for a sequel so these listings should be for those titles. Another possible contender is Resistance, the last time we heard from that IP was in 2012 and it wasn’t even Insomniac Games who developed it.

Insomniac Games also has an entire VR division, they are working on Stormland for Oculus Rift so it isn’t going to be a VR game Sony is trying to hire for, at least not at the moment.

Quite curiously, Sony Interactive Entertainment doesn’t seem to want to send their own newly acquired people from Audiokinetic down to Burbank to help assist on these titles, but rather hire new staff to handle it.

We’ll keep you in the loop if more information on Insomniac Games and what they’re working on comes out.


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