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Nvidia held their earnings report last week, announcing that sales to Nintendo had declined by quite a bit. Nvidia’s Tegra X1 SoC GPU powers Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. Nvidia’s CEO has said it’s nothing to worry about and they will rebound, but it has me wondering. Is Nvidia working on a new chip to sell to Nintendo for the highly rumored Nintendo Switch Mini expected to release in 2019? I think it’s a possibility. The Switch has been selling lots of units lately, and it’s very odd that they would cut back production of the chip. Selling less components to Nintendo means they aren’t producing as many for them, and there has to be a reason for it. If this were for a Nintendo Switch Mini, Nvidia could potentially be prepping by making a smaller Tegra chip, or by using another chip all together. With the rumored Nintendo Switch Mini, it’s a smaller console when compared to the Nintendo Switch. They couldn’t fit a Tegra X1 chip inside it, and it makes sense if Nintendo decided to slash production while prepping for the launch of the cheaper variant of their hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch Mini has been rumored for a long time, and it makes perfect sense. At $300, the Nintendo Switch is not a cheap console. This is an investment not all people can or want to make, especially with parents. There is lot of concern when a younger person is in possession of a device costing $300. Plus, with the detachable Joy-Con, this also might worry some as these could potentially get lost. The Nintendo Switch Mini could solve these issues and worries. At the rumored price of around $199 USD, this is a much more appealing price to those consumers not wanting to spend $300 on a console. Also, the Mini is rumored to have the Joy-Con fused on as part of the body, so there is no way of losing them by detaching them from the system.

By putting the Nintendo Switch Mini on the market, Nintendo could make a lot of sales not possible before by reaching into new markets. This is a similar situation to the 3DS. When the 2DS came out at $80, it offered a great price with the ability to play the same games as the better model. The Switch Mini makes perfect sense, and it would be a fantastic way for Nintendo to make more profit and sell more units.

To summarize, I think that Nvidia might have cut back on component sales to Nintendo for this quarter to prep for the rumored Switch Mini. It makes perfect sense, and it’s at a fantastic time. The Switch is 2 years into its life cycle, and putting a cheaper variant on the market would only boost sales. This could mean absolutely nothing, and Nintendo just didn’t need as many components. There’s also a possibility that they are prepping for the Switch Mini. Whatever the case is, I’m sure we will find out what Nintendo’s plans are for the future of the console soon enough. The Nintendo Switch Mini is rumored to release in 2019 with a price around $199 USD.

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