From the Von Coin App description:

Von Coin is where Xbox One gamers can go to turn their achievements into something real! We issue Von Coins in exchange for your Gamerscore, which you can use to bid on auctions for limited edition, original game art, Xbox accessories and games in our sponsored auctions. All for free!

I asked the hard hitting question so no one else had to.

From the gamerscore king himself, our gamerscore is safe!

Von Coin, partnered with True Achievements, allows you to log into your Xbox account on the True Achievements website where your gamerscore converts to their point system. You then use their point value to cash in for Von Coin. From there, you can use your available Von Coin to bid on anything from Xbox accessories, prints, digital games, and other swag they have to offer.

For more information, you can head over to and check out their FAQ section.

You can also join their Discord server where users can suggest auctions and earn extra coin as well. Users are more than likely to get a faster response time through their Discord. A link to their official Discord server can be found below! Check it out!

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