Sony Interactive Entertainment patents a new VR glove that conveys a sense of touch and movement for virtual objects. This seems to be the 3rd glove they patented, which means they are interested in advancing VR.

A description of the patent:

A system and method of using a peripheral device for interfacing with a virtual reality scene generated by a computer for presentation on a head mounted display. The peripheral device includes a haptic device capable of being placed in contact with a user and a haptic feedback controller for processing instructions for outputting a haptic signal to the haptic device. The haptic feedback controller receiving the instructions from the computer so that haptic feedback of the haptic device changes to correspond to a user’s virtual interactions with a virtual object in the virtual reality scene as presented on the head mounted display.

So it seems like this has multiple haptic points to make various senses happen, which is quite exciting if this comes to be since it was only filed in September 2016, so it could still arrive for say PS VR 2 to further the “next generation” feel.

Source: USPTO

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