Update – The experience will also hit PS4, PS VR, and Oculus Quest this summer.

The first 3rd party Virtual Reality experience is headed to Nintendo Switch. Spice and Wolf VR will launch on Nintendo Switch this summer on the Nintendo eShop. It will support the Nintendo Labo VR kit.

Here’s a description of the game

In order to achieve our dreams of entering the 2nd dimension, we will be working together with the original creators of Spice and Wolf to create a VR animation.

Anime will evolve from something that is “seen” to something that is “experienced”…

Kraft Lawrence is a traveling merchant who meets Holo, a beautiful woman who can transform into a wolf.
As they travel together they face many hardships, such as having to walk in the rain.
In order to avoid the sudden downpour, Holo and Lawrence take shelter in an old, abandoned water mill in the woods.
They huddle around a small fire and enjoy a slightly strange but relaxing time together.
You are able to share that time together with them.

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