We’ve heard plenty of speculation about this years Call of Duty title for months at this point, but yesterday the official Call of Duty social media channels updated their bios and banners to reflect that info is coming soon. This morning, we finally got a teaser and the official reveal is happening tomorrow on the 30th, at 10:00 am pacific time. This lines up exactly with the rumors that stated the 30th was when the reveal was happening, as a group of youtubers were flown out to Infinity Ward’s studio to get an early look at the reveal. Those youtubers have remained really tight lipped so far, but in an interesting turn, Activision themselves are actually the ones leaking information.

As I mentioned, Call of Duty posted a teaser that states that the reveal is happening on May 30th. They also posted a “premiere” video onto their YouTube channel that will be updated tomorrow with the full reveal. However, YouTube uploads are not the most secure things in the world, and people were able to gather plenty of information from the thumbnail previews, and video information.

First things first, the video is slightly under 2 minutes long.

More importantly, the thumbnail preview showcased modern looking soldiers jumping from a plane, and climbing a car.

However, this was far from the biggest thing we were able to find from their YouTube channel. D7wjA4NXYAAK5mn

This image, which is a bit blurry since it came directly from the YouTube thumbnail preview, shows off the title as well as an October release date. It’s really hard to make out the date, but it’s two digits so it is likely coming in mid to late October. It appears to start with a “2”, and CoD games traditionally come out on Friday, so my money is on October 25th being the official release date. The image also showcases a bandanna clad character. Is this a returning character from the MW series?

I’m a huge fan of Call of Duty, and my favorite game is easily Modern Warfare 2 so I am very excited to return to this sub series. If the rumor mill is true, it’s also possible we may be seeing a remaster of Modern Warfare 2 down the line. All we can do now is wait for tomorrow.

It’s going to be a crazy day.

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