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343 Industries Community Support member Postums released a Halo MCC development update yesterday explaining the progress that has been made on Halo Reach to MCC thus far, as well as a recap of what was discussed during the Halo Reach PC reveal stream yesterday. If you would like to read the full post you can do so here.

The post detailed the difficulties of porting Halo Reach to MCC, as many of the core matchmaking game odes were split between two different updates which weren’t applied to every game mode. These changes may seem small on paper, but managed to make the gamemodes using each update feel different in practice. In the end, the team has decided to go with the “TU settings” rather than the vanilla settings for the game as this seemed like what the majority of players wanted. The Firefight and Campaign modes appear to be mostly unchanged, with the Campaign getting some classic playlists like Legendary All Skulls On (LASO) added as a playlist for MCC.

In addition to this, Postums spoke with a partner studio in regards to what the progress of Halo Reach being brought to PC was at, as well as their current priorities. The studio had this to say on the matter

The finish line for the console version is very much in sight for us – it’s maybe a boring answer but clearing our bug list and hitting the very high-quality bar we’ve set really is the focus. But also – Firefight!

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FOV turned up to 120 on the current Halo Reach PC build

Afterwards, Postums moved to asking a few of the publishing team’s engineers about a few burning questions the community has been asking such as uncapped framerate, FOV sliders, and the integration of Xbox Live on Steam. According to the engineers, uncapped framerate is coming along nicely but there are a few hurdles that still need to be passed before it is implemented. FOV sliders have also been looked into, but there are a lot of challenges to be faced on that front such as the position of arms. In terms of Xbox Live integration on Steam, things have been going great and there hasn’t been a whole lot that’s needed to be done. The only real issue has come down to having Steam players be able to find their Steam friends on Xbox Live, but work is underway to get that working properly.

Following speaking to the team, Postums spoke of the progression system that would not only be coming to Halo Reach, but also MCC as a whole. The systems they’re building right now will allow for players to transfer their progression from Halo Reach over to Halo Reach on MCC which should be wonderful news for any returning players wanting to use their old unlocks.

The example image of progression on Halo MCC

Along with that, players will be able to earn experience after completing matches and firefight matches on dedicated servers on which can grant them new rewards provided they earn enough points to unlock them. These will be given through the game’s new season progression system, and will allow players to earn rewards that are only given for that particular season. The first few seasons will be giving players rewards only for Halo Reach, but this will be expanded to the other titles as they come out on PC. The team also plans to add challenges, but this is still very much a work in progress.

Finally, there was talk of the different engines that MCC would have once the game released on PC, one of which being the Unreal Engine. He later went on to explain why the Unreal Engine is being used, citing Unreal Engine as being used for “various UI elements across the entire collection”. This will also allow for easier changes to the UI, specifically with the progression and armor customization options being implemented.

This blog post should be exciting news for any fan of Halo MCC and Halo Reach, as it appears that progress is moving quite steadily. The beta for Halo MCC should be starting in June, so it looks like we may not have to wait long for the PC release of Halo Reach. If you would like a chance to take part in the closed beta testing, you can sign up to be a Halo Insider here.

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