Please note: This is the opinion of @AlphaFoxWarfare, Apple Pay is what I will use so that is what I’ll be talking about.

When Apple Pay launched back in 2014, I was blown away. It was the coolest thing I’ve seen in such a long time since it made the tedious process of putting your card in a reader and waiting virtually disappear. Flash forward to 2019 and you can easily pay on your phone via apps or the web using Apple Pay and it has your address, card number, CCV, and more securely stored on your device. Now imagine that, but for digital game networks like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Network, and Steam. This would not only make life so much easier than selecting your card, verifying information, it’s just old technology. With Apple Pay you’d just see an icon on a site, click it, then double tap on your unlock button (FaceID devices). This is what it should be for all these sites as it makes payments not only more secure but quicker and pain free. On the web (macOS), your Apple Watch can authenticate the payment for non-TouchID MacBooks and hell, so can your phone.

Now, to add onto all of this, with Apple’s upcoming Apple Card, you’ll get 2% cash back on EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE (sorry, my excitment showed) on anything bought on the PlayStation Store, even subscriptions. So having Apple Pay being incorporated would be awesome.

Now, why hasn’t this been put into place already? Well, it’s to my belief that device limitations might hold everyone back. PayPal could be used regardless of device, same goes for Credit and Debit cards. As for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, they’re dependent on device. However, something like Apple Pay for existence according to Statista, it’s used by over 383 million users worldwide. That’s a potentially monumental consumer base that Sony Interactive Entertainment, Xbox Studios, Valve, and Nintendo are ignoring. 

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