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The Overwatch Workshop has had just over a month since its release, so players have had a lot of time to create their own ideas through the coding system. In that time, they’ve used it effectively and have created a lot of their own really solid and original ideas. Here are a few of the best game modes you can play yourself right now.

Lava Run v4.1 – Code: RXCG8

In Lava Run, your goal is to make it to each of the ten checkpoints in the level as Genji. After you make it to the end, you use your ultimate and move on to the next character having to go the opposite direction with the same checkpoints. The catch is that a lot of the ground around you is covered in a red barrier that will instantly kill you when touched and send you back to your last checkpoint. The game mode is surprisingly enjoyable for just how simple it is, as it proves to be a very effective way to kill some time and do some parkour. I used to do a lot of parkour maps back when I played Minecraft, so the game mode almost just comes naturally to me. Definitely would say it’s my favorite game mode out of all on this list.

Uno – Code: WG7QP

Uno works pretty much the exact same as regular Uno. In this game mode, you pick whatever character you want to play as and are given a set of cards. Your goal is to try and get to zero cards by placing down different cards. You have reverse cards which change the order turns go around, skip which skips the next player (even freezing them in game), various color cards, and plus cards to give the next player a little surprise. This game mode works surprisingly well in Overwatch, with players standing around in a circle and having view of both the other players as well as the current color and card. It even includes the ability to have a rotating aerial view over the play area which I thought was a nice touch. The game mode is a ton of fun if you have some friends playing with you and you all want to take a quick break from the normal Overwatch adventures.

McCree’s Hot Potato – Code: M5DDB

McCree's Hot Potato

Hot Potato involves the players all spawning in a small arena with a few pieces of cover to get behind. One random McCree is set on fire and the only way he can extinguish the fire is by shooting another player. The next player gets that fire applied to them and must pass it to another player. You die if the fire manages to deplete your health. The first player to win 20 rounds wins the game. It seems quite basic on the surface, but you have a few extra mechanics to shake things up. Your ult will make you immune to being set on fire for a short time, and your second ability (E by default) will send you flying through the air. I had quite a lot of fun playing it, especially dancing around a piece of terrain to mess up my friend’s shots and make him die. Would recommend this one as well for a quick break with friends.

Car Dodge – Code: 1YKPS

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Car Dodge is a pretty simple idea in nature. You’re put on Oasis City Center, just above where the cars are speeding down and must make it to the other end of the map without being hit by the cars and dying. Dying will reset you back to the start, and making it to the end will let you move on to the next character. You try and make it from Reaper all the way to Torbjorn in order to win the game. It gets pretty fun as you play it, as you’re left to find a lot of creative ways to make it to the other end of the map, while also finding a way to mess the other players up. For example, when one of us got Ana we started spamming sleep dart on other people to make them get hit by the cars which made for some really funny moments in the voice chat. I couldn’t recommend this one more.

18 Hole Torbjorn Golf – Code: RP0X3 (Eichenwalde) and CYZR8 (Blizzard World)

Torbjorn Golf is quite the sight to see honestly. You all play as little Torbjorns and have to fly through the air to try and hit the green sphere at the other end of the course in the least amount of shots possible. The hole is either seen by a blue flag on the map, or you can crouch to get a view of where it is. Watching little Torbjorns fly through the air is honestly quite the sight to see, and something you aren’t going to get with any other game mode. The holes the user chose were creative too, with some courses going out of bounds to give something unique and that you aren’t quite used to. I have to applaud the map maker for their choice of holes too, with each one being placed in some very good spots to make people have to think carefully about the shots they take.

Third Person Overwatch – Code: P319X

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Compared to the other modes on this list, this one is a little less humorous and more just a new and interesting way to experience Overwatch. It works about as you’d expect, except if you hit F you’re given a third person perspective to play from. It creates a surprisingly unique experience and (despite some issues with aiming with Widow and a few other minor bugs) feels very fluid and refined. I didn’t get a large amount of time to play this one but when I did, it felt enjoyable and almost as though Blizzard themselves created it. It would be cool to see some sort of mini player tournament using the third person mode. Would create a whole new dynamic for the game which I think higher tier players might be interested in wrapping their head around.

Infection – Code: 3XE4K
At first glance, you might think this is just the classic Call of Duty infection of one player trying to make all survivors infected. When playing it though, you’ll notice it takes a very unique twist. Every player spawns in as a different character, and must try and kill the other opponents. The catch is that when you kill another player, that other player becomes your hero. The goal by the end of the game is to have every player be that hero without your hero getting knocked out. It creates some crazy mind games, as you’re sometimes given the decision of killing another player or letting them live because they have the character you started with. Quite fun hearing people go back and forth at each other the whole time as some characters are fully eliminated and others create a large horde.

You can have access to any of these modes above by going into a custom game, going into the settings, and selecting Import Code. From there, you can use whatever code you want above to have your custom game changed to that mode. If you have any other modes that you think are fun and would belong on your own list, be sure to let us know!

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