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DeepMind AI has managed to beat a team of professional Quake III testers consistently in matches of the game. This is a huge step forward for the team behind DeepMind as it is another game on their list that can accomplish such a task. The news was first unveiled in a paper written by the DeepMind team on Science Magazine.

In order to accomplish this task, the DeepMind team had their AI play around 450,000 games of Capture the Flag which simulates roughly four years of experience in the game. This is reasonable considering Quake III released all the way back in 1999, and gives it the experience it should have to match current Quake III professional players.

The last time we heard about DeepMind, they had managed to create an AI that was so complex that it managed to beat professional players TLO and MaNa of Team Liquid at a set of 1v1 matches in StarCraft II. This was also a large step for the AI considering just how complex of a game Starcraft II is, though it was not able to play in 3D games before.

With DeepMind AI able to take on Starcraft II, Dota 2, and Quake III now, we’ll have to wait and see what challenge the team decides to take on next. For now, they intend to work towards getting the AI to be able to play many different professional game modes and maps inside Quake III so they can properly compete against teams in all sections of its competitive scene.

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