Hitman 2, the stealth video game from the critically acclaimed Hitman series, has had its June update roadmap released to the public. This roadmap unveils several new and interesting features to the game.

On June 7th, the game will be getting two legacy elusive targets known as The Deceivers. These two will be located in the Sapienza level of Hitman 2 and offer a point towards unlocking one of the Elusive Target suits. June 13th will be giving players a new escalation contract known as “The O’Leary Conflagration” having players mess with Helen’s Muffin Kitchen. For June 20th, featured contracts based on the topic of “Assassin’s Greed” will be released to players from the player created contracts. That day will also be giving another escalation contract by the name of The Unpalatable Termination, which will have players complete a mission in Miami featuring Agent 47 wielding a shotgun.

For the latter end of the month, June 24th will feature IO Interactive having their fourth monthly live stream showing off some new reveals and announcements regarding Hitman. The 25th will release a new map as part of the expansion pass known as “The Bank” and will have Agent 47 complete a new campaign mission known as “Golden Handshake”. That day will also be including two special contracts known as “Embrace of the Serpent” and “Illusions of Grandeur”. Finally, there will be a game update featuring a host of bug fixes and improvements to the game, with details to follow closer to the release date. June 27th will feature another escalation contract titled “The Aquatic Retribution” having the player return to the aquarium in Miami. Finally on June 28th, another legacy elusive target titled The Entertainer will be released.

With all of this new content being released this month, Hitman players should have a lot to look forward to. If you don’t already own Hitman 2, you can purchase the Standard Edition here.

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