The slime farming simulator Slime Rancher will be receiving update 1.4 on June 18th titled “Viktor’s Experimental Update”. The update will be free for all players who own Slime Rancher.

The player will be exploring a virtual simulation of the main game’s Far, Far Range and will allow players to experiment with a lot of new tech such as Advanced Drones, a Chicken Cloner, among many other weird but interesting inventions for players to be able to get their hands on. This update will be released with the Secret Styles paid DLC coming later this month, allowing players to change their slime’s appearance.

If you would like to give this DLC a try yourself, you can once it releases later this month on June 18th. If you haven’t already purchased Slime Rancher, you can either purchase it on Steam for $22 or for $5 during the Epic Mega sale.

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