The World War Z game developers have unveiled the content that was released in a content update today, as well as plans for what will be coming over the rest of season 1. The details were first revealed on the game’s official Youtube channel.

The video discusses that the first map Tokyo “has proven a fan favorite” and thus decided that today’s update will be continuing that campaign. The next chapter features the survivors on a ferry that has been infested by zombies. It will have players fight through a mix of both open and enclosed areas, proving to be one of the hardest experiences that players will have faced yet. It also introduced a new special infected with the ability to infect other players which should provide something unique for players to face.

On top of these content updates, the game received some additional quality of life improvements such as private matches, an FOV slider, options to remove bots, a lot with many other smaller changes that help make the game feel more refined.

Along with today’s update, the developers revealed what will be coming for the rest of season 1. The game will be receiving cosmetics earned through achievements, more balancing, and an expanded progression system. There will be info coming soon regarding an upcoming weekly challenge mode and even more.

If you’d like to read the full list of changes made to the game, you can find the official patch notes here.

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