It’s finally official, Borderlands 2’s Commander Lilith and The Fight For Sanctuary has been linked via the DLC’s official SteamDB page. We have received several rumors up till this point stating this would be the DLC, and it looks like its been finally revealed.

The SteamDB page featured official information regarding the DLC including the image above before it was later removed due to this information releasing too early. The information read “Return to the award-winning shooter-looter for an all new adventure that sets the stage for the upcoming Borderlands 3”.

According to that same page before later removed, the DLC will feature a new level cap of 80, a new rainbow rarity, additional enemies and vehicle skins, a new major villain, and some form of gas. This new DLC will be free for all players.

Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary will be releasing June 9th, which means we will likely be receiving information regarding this including a trailer at the Xbox E3 conference since it will be on the same day.


  1. The conferences start on June 9th, at least according to a ton of articles I’ve read. Nintendo is the only conference for June 11th.

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