In today’s Pokémon Direct, Nintendo has revealed details about their new Pokémon games coming this fall!

  • Pokémon Sword and Shield will be releasing November 15
  • A combo pack will be sold at retailers, featuring both Sword and Shield
  • A new mechanic called “dynamaxing” will be apparent, in which your Pokémon grow much larger than normal under certain circumstances
  • New areas called “max raid battles” will be in the game – these are raid-like challenges in which 4 players can join up to battle giant sized dynamax Pokémon together, similar to how it’s done in Pokémon GO
  • The roaming Pokémon mechanic from the Let’s Go games will be returning in what’s called the Wild Area, though presumably in a more limited capacity
  • Gym battles are back and bigger than ever – quite literally with Pokémon being able to be dynamaxed once per battle for a few turns!

New Pokémon were also revealed in the direct:

  • Wooloo, a sheep Pokémon
  • Gossifleur, a flower Pokémon
  • Eldegoss, the evolution of Gossifleur
  • Dreadnaw, a bite Pokémon
  • Corviknight, a flying Pokémon
  • Zacian, the legendary sword Pokémon
  • Zamazenta, the legendary shield Pokémon

Along the way, trainers will meet new friends:

  • Leon, the region’s current champion
  • His younger brother Hop, your rival
  • Professor Magnolia and her daughter Sonia
  • Milo, leader of the grass gym

We here at Jack of All Controllers can’t wait to get our hands on this highly anticipated game and can’t wait to hear more about it!

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