A new trailer for Persona 5 Royal came out today all about our new Phantom Thief, Kasumi Yoshizawa. While we still don’t know her code name, we did get a first look at her awakening and initial Persona as well as a new palace that the awakening takes place in.D8WTtXkWwAEN7SW

The trailer is in Japanese and I barely know enough Japanese to handle a basic conversation, but going off of what people who actually do speak Japanese (like our very own @MysticDistance on twitter) the Persona seems to be called “Cendrillon” and may be based on Cinderella. Very fitting for a character such as Kasumi.D8WQhiPU0AAGyYN

Behind her in these shots is what appears to be one of the new Royal exclusive palaces that we will visit throughout the game. It’s not shown off much, and the date is purposefully hidden in this trailer but one can infer that this is where we first obtain Kasumi as a party member. Who’s palace could this belong to? Only time will tell.

Of course, we also got some snippets of events with Ren and Kasumi hanging out, likely as part of her confidant events. The first one we see has Ren and Kasumi at the batting cages in Yongen. Immediately after, we see the two of them in a shop as Kasumi tries to sneak up and suprise Ren. Lastly, we see the two of them eating at the restaurant in Shibuya. It would appear that Kasumi has quite the appetite (and a very cute summer outfit).D8WM5TXUIAAXDif

A new song can also be heard in the background of this trailer. It’s as good as you’d expect from Lyn and the rest of the team behind the music for the Persona series and I cannot wait to hear all the new tracks being jam packed into this game.

Atlus also has announced a limited edition of the game titled the “Straight Flush edition” that will come with the soundtrack, a t-shirt, two DLC costume sets themed on the Velvet Room, and Featherman outfits, a 48 page art book, and of course it’s very own specially designed cover art and box. Currently only listed for sale in Japan, I’m fairly certain we will get this in the states when the game is localized in 2020.

All in all, this game is shaping up to be everything fans are wanting. Persona 5 was already my personal game of the year in 2017 and is one of my favorite games ever made so I am very much looking forward to this enhanced re-release of the game. The wait until 2020 is going to be agonizing, but at least we have all this great new music and artwork to tide us over until then.

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