At E3, the lines for demos are notoriously known for being long. There is a solution to help shorten wait time if you want to play E3 demos of Nintendo’s new titles. The solution is called a Warp Pipe Pass. It is completely free to register for one, however you must have a Nintendo account. They are distributed via QR codes for your smart device, and can be used on the time slot you chose to get priority in the line. Here’s the official description of this pass:

“You’ll need a Nintendo Account and a valid E3 2019 badge (sold separately), so be sure you’ve got those before registering! No day of on-site registration will be available. Passes will be issued in the form of QR Code patterns that can be saved to your smart device or printed. E3 Gamer badges will have specific times on when you can enter the Convention Center. Be sure to check those times for each day before you register. The deadline to register for a Warp Pipe Pass for a particular E3 show day is 11:59 p.m. PT the night before that show day.”


For more information about Warp Pipe Passes, click here for the official Nintendo Warp Pipe Pass FAQ.


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