The new redesign for the Xbox app for PCs has been leaked, thanks to Twitter user h0x0d. The leak tweet shows the beta for the Xbox app being listed on the Windows Store, along with additional screenshots showing what the app looks like when it’s being used.

The new redesign appears to list the installed games you have on the left, along with the game pass, social, and store listed on the top. The app also appears to allow you to download games from the game pass directly onto your PC (provided you own the game pass). The app offers a much sleeker look compared to the current Xbox app which appears much more cluttered. The app will be a Win32 program, and will be ditching UWP to be an Electron based program.

On the game’s Windows Store page, there are details of the app also including everything you need to know about a game you’re viewing, the ability to chat with friends across both Xbox and PC, and take advantage of the new Xbox Game Bar with the Xbox app. You can expect to see this announced at the Xbox E3 conference tomorrow.

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