Apex Legends’ Season 2 is finally giving details three months after Season 1. The Apex community has been asking for some more Apex content, so this should please any fan. They have revealed a new weapon, a new legend, and more for players to get their hands on.

Season 2 is coming July 2nd and it’s going to be called Season 2: Battle Charge. The season is going to bring a lot of balance changes as well as a map event, on top of the already revealed changes coming to the game. This should help to freshen up the weapon meta, and change the map a little bit for some uniqueness.

The new weapon that is being revealed is the L-Star plasma energy machine gun. This weapon is a fan favourite from the Titanfall series that now has its implementation into Apex Legends. You can only get the weapon from the care package, and the weapon has enough power to open doors like melee and grenades.

The battle pass is going to be receiving two new skins for Caustic and Octane respectively, as well as two new weapon skins for the Spitfire light machine gun and the R-301 assault rifle. It will also be receiving a lot of different changes to the way it works in the form of challenges that can level the pass faster. This on top of a new ranking system coming to the game should change up the gameplay loop a bit to feel fresh.

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The tenth legend joining the game is a previously leaked legend known as Wattson, who focuses on electricity based abilities. Wattson is a legend who, with help of her father, created the ring for the Apex event in the game’s lore. She has the ability to create an electrical wall using different electrical pillars, creating a bit of a slower and more methodical play style. You can place 12 pylons at any given time in any way you want. Her ultimate is an AOE drone that will charge your teammate’s shields and block enemy ordinance (such as arc grenades and Gibraltar’s Air Strike). Finally her passive gives her the ability to get 100% ultimate charge from ultimate accelerants, giving the ability to spam ultimates if you have a lot of accelerants on your person.

The final thing revealed was a slight teaser of a map event coming to the game. There was a large dragon in the background, with several smaller ones flying in front of it which doesn’t give us a lot to go on. We’ll have to wait till Season 2 to find out more.

More shall be revealed closer to the release date of Apex Legends Season 2, so stay tuned here to find out more.


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