Three studios which have been working under EA for some time now are currently in the process of creating three new titles for the EA Originals lineup. The twitter video above discusses inspirations the developers had to create games, as well as gave little sneak peaks as to what they’re going to be bringing next.

The first company was Hazelight Studios who are the developers behind the critically acclaimed coop action adventure game A Way Out. These developers did not have anything to reveal about the game, but do promise that the game would give a fresh take on coop challenges similarly to how A Way Out did.

The second company to be in the spotlight was Zoink Games. This company developed the hit action adventure game Fe which released in early 2018. They talked about how their next game would be titled Lost in Random and that the game is a “blend of strategy and action that explores the notion of chance and possibility, set within a beautifully dark and vivid world”. There was no release date announced for it.

The final of the three companies was Glowmade, who are introducing their first game to the EA Originals lineup known as RustHeart. The game will be a co-op action RPG, and will have players adventure across an alien multiverse in a mix of tactical gameplay and player invention.

Jo-Mei, developers of the upcoming Sea of Solitude, along with Coldwood Studios, developers of Unravel, also shared in the video what inspired them to create their respective games. Cornelia Geppert of Jo-Mei for example, explained how she wanted “stories where people could live through it and experience it”.

If you’d like to watch all the announcements discussing EA’s current released titles, you can watch the EA Play live stream here.

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