DOOM Eternal, the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed DOOM 2016, has received a new gameplay trailer. The trailer featured a lot of new gameplay including use of the sword weapon, new enemies the Doom Slayer will get to take on, and new environments you’ll adventure through.

The developers promise that the gameplay will have consistent and great meaning for every moment you’re playing it. The game will have a focus on aggressive combat similarly to DOOM 2016, and features a completely new UI along with some additional weapons to toy around with such as a new grenade launcher, laser rifle, and even a high powered minigun.

Players of DOOM 2016 should be ecstatic, with a sequel that is going to feel faster and more fluid than ever. With the narrative of the last game also continuing, and hell on Earth to explore, there’s more than enough content for you to get your hands on. You won’t have to wait long, as the game will be releasing November 22nd of this year.

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