Atlus showcases their very first English trailer Persona 5: The Royal at E3 2019.

Featuring the incredible talents of the original Persona 5 English voice cast, including Xander Mobus, Max Mittelman, Cassandra Lee Morris, Erika Harlacher, Matt Mercer, Cherami Leigh, Erica  Lindbeck, Xanthe Huynh, and Robbie Daymond, this trailer gives fans a glimpse at just a few of the new features and story beats introduced in Persona 5 Royal.

We’re also very happy to introduce the actors lending their voices to P5R‘s new central characters:

Laura Post as the talented gymnast and new playable party member, Kasumi Yoshizawa

Billy Kametz as Shujin Academy’s counselor and new confidant, Takuto Maruki


Persona 5: The Royal is coming exclusively to PS4 in 2020, directed by Persona 4: Golden’s director.

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