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Warframe, the free to play third person shooter game, has received new information regarding the upcoming Railjack update. The last time we saw information regarding this expansion was last year with Tennocon 2018.

This expansion has been renamed to Warframe Empyrean, and will have players control their own spaceship known as a Railjack. You’ll be able to control this massive spaceship and work cooperatively with up to three other players to take on huge space battles. You’ll be able to take on massive warships, have players control certain weapons on the ship, manage the power focus, and more.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding the upcoming update, you can see the full reveal of this update plus more news regarding Warframe on July 6th. There will be a twitch stream for the Tennocon event from 6-7PM EST where you can even score a free warframe known as Nekros Prime for watching the full stream.

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