Finally, it’s happened. After many, MANY years of fans pleading with Nintendo and Masahiro Sakurai to put Banjo-Kazooie in Smash as a playable character, Nintendo has finally consented.

In their E3 direct just 10 minutes ago, Nintendo announced TWO new DLC characters as part of their Fighters Pass. One was the hero of the Dragon Quest series (our article on that can be found here) and the second – a great call back to the OTHER Rare property currently in Smash – was none other than Banjo-Kazooie.

Banjo and Kazooie’s first adventures were way back on the Nintendo 64. Once Nintendo decided not to buy parent company Rare Inc., Microsoft stepped in and saved them. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts was then released on the Xbox 360 to quite a negative reception as it changed the formula too drastically. Since then, we have yet to see a new full-fledged game, but this is a solid first step seeing them in Nintendo’s all-star fighting game.

No firm date has been given, but Nintendo stated in the direct that we should be seeing them hit Switch consoles this Fall. We can’t wait to get jiggy with you all as our favorite bear and bird!

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