It was just today that players received another sneak peak at Shenmue III along with discovering the game was releasing in just five months, yet there already appears to be some controversy surrounding the game thanks to the Epic Games store.

If you didn’t tune into the PC Gaming Show today at E3, the developers revealed that the game would end up being an Epic Games store exclusive. This brought its own level of controversy, but what they didn’t mention on stage was that Kickstarter backers wouldn’t be receiving refunds based on the news. Their support team had the following to say to those asking for a refund.

We apologize for the sudden change in platform, however, refunds will not be granted for this change

Ys Net

Kickstarter also stated that it could not offer refunds as the funds had already been granted to Ys Net and therefore they had no ability to facilitate the refund process.

This is leaving many players furious, and some have discovered that this is a legal violation in the EU. If you live in the EU and funded the game on Kickstarter, you have the ability to take Deep Silver to court over this decision. You can also join the ongoing Steam discussion here.

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