The official The Witcher Twitter account has been Tweeting out extra details and information about the incredibly ambitious Nintendo Switch port of The Witcher 3. The game will be roughly 32GB. They also announced that Saber Interactive will be responsible for porting the game to Nintendo Switch. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Editions launches later this year on Nintendo Switch.

What we’re looking at here in terms of comparison resolutions;

Nintendo Switch Mobile – 960x540p/30
Nintendo Switch Docked – 1280x720p/30
Xbox One – 1600x900p/30 HDR
PS4 – 1920x1080p/30 HDR
Xbox One X Performance – 1920x1080p/60 HDR
PS4 Pro – 1920x2160p/30 HDR
Xbox One X Low – 3200x1800p/30 HDR
Xbox One X High – 3840x2160p/30 HDR

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