Another game appears to be caught in the crossfire of the Steam/Epic Games Store war currently developing on PC. The game was recently crowdfunded on Kickstarter and later would come to be acquired by publisher Deep Silver. The developers responded to a post on the official Iron Harvest reddit saying that they would honor the promises made to its backers, but that “we can’t say anything until we know either way”. This undoubtedly sparked some community backlash as the uncertainty of the game’s release on Steam was bound to upset users.

This isn’t the first time Deep Silver and a company under their name has come under flak due to the store wars. Deep Silver also dealt with issues regarding the removal of Metro Exodus from Steam several months ago, along with the more recent issue of Shenmue III getting moved to the Epic Games Store after its Kickstarter campaign. This should have been enough of a sign for Deep Silver’s actions but we’ll have to wait and see how this case pans out.

You can find more information regarding the upcoming Iron Harvest on their official Kickstarter page. Along with that, you can also read the official response to the issue from the company’s community manager here.

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