The Yakuza series has generally been a PlayStation exclusive franchise. Now SEGA has since spoken about the future of the series at E3 2019 with the folk at PC Gamer. They have mentioned that the Yakuza IP has taken a more multi-platform approach.

To make a quality PC port is the key. It’s in the mind-set of SEGA Japan and Europe now, and the US, to think of it as a multiformat offering. That’s not saying everything’s going to be multiformat, but we’re able now to consider that data.

SEGA’s EVP of Publishing John Clark

Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 are all on PC, with more likey coming in the future. While they aren’t releasing at the same time as PS4 versions, it is great step forward to know SEGA takes the computer seriously.

Judgment, a PS4 exclusive, releases on June 25th. After this interview, definitely expect it to hit PC later on. Nagoshi-san, the Yakuza creator, says that he will continue to make PS4 games after PS5 releases so we can expect Shin Yakuza and more to hit Sony’s now 6 year old platform. Fist of the North Star also landed on PS4 from the same studio that has yet to hit PC as well.

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