Courtesy of the Steamworks Development Steam group, we now have an idea of what the new Steam library is going to look like. These changes should appeal to players a lot more than the current layout, offering much needed visual improvements and functionality.

The new Steam library will give players some new functionality in the form of categories within the game list. With new organization options, large libraries should feel much cleaner. Even a library home has been added, giving players their recently played games along with their favorites and some news about those they play.

Combined with this is the improvements to game pages themselves. The banner will now be much more prevalent, activity and workshop content will be shown on the left, and everything regarding your friends and the game on the right. This will bring never before seen functionality to the activity page, along with a much cleaner look for the rest of the page.

Even the banner itself has its own set of functionality. You can move the game’s logo to any portion of the banner along with set a custom banner to that specific game opening up more options for the user.

Steam users will likely rejoice over these changes, as they’ve been tirelessly waiting for them to come since the Game Development Conference back in March. Provided this update stays true to its word, you can expect to see the public beta for all this sometime in the coming weeks. If you’d like to find out more regarding the update along with test the library banner system, you can check the official group news post here.

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