The first customizable controller I’ve ever purchased was the Xbox Elite Controller. I had high hopes for it when it arrived in the mail and as to my surprise, it delivered…until the wear and tear became noticeable.

Sunday at E3, Xbox showcased the brand-new Elite Series 2 Controller in stunning detail. The new controller has been redone from the inside out, which in some of my experiences from the Series 1, were necessary.

Let’s go over some of my dislikes from the Series 1. Although it was a huge upgrade from the standard Xbox One controllers, I still felt a little limited to what I could do. The hair trigger has just one setting, click down, to get a little edge over your enemies. The battery life was bad. Most gamers do not play in front of a monitor like myself, so this wasn’t a huge issue with me just using the included cord to keep it plugged in at all times not worrying about the battery dying at any given time. And the most annoying thing to have to go through after shelling out $150 on a controller is to later realize your grips are halfway falling off. One of my biggest issues for the Series 1 was the low quality of the grips. Of course you could go online and buy replacement kits for them, but why should you have to worry about that after spending a lot of money on a one of a kind controller?

Now entering, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller!

The nearly 2 minute long video(posted below) showcased what looked like a whole new controller in my eyes. We didn’t just have two save settings, but we now have three.

The thumb sticks can now be fine tuned, much like a SCUF, for sensitivity. The hair triggers now have 3 different settings, giving you even more of an edge for faster firing.

The controller is rechargeable, Bluetooth, and it can be played up to 40 hours on a single charge. And to top it all off, you won’t need to plug it in using a cord, instead you just place it right in the case and let it charge over night. And what about the grip problem? Well it looks like they may have fixed the problem. The grips now wrap around each side unlike the Series 1, where they were just on the backside, only griping the back half of the controller.

I think overall this is the controller to own if you’re looking to up your game or just like to customize to your own preferred set-ups. I was actually surprised to see the controller price only be $179.99 when I was expecting at least a $199.99 price tag. Now being $30 more than the Series 1, it is still a pricey piece of hardware, but the way the Series 2 compares to the Series 1, I have to say as of now, it looks well worth the price.

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