Yeah, you read that title correctly. OperaGX is a new browser coming from those behind the regular Opera browser, and it’s surprisingly good. It has quite a lot of functionality built around the idea of gaming, with a few added tidbits that I wasn’t expecting going into it.

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The browser’s start up page features the “GX Corner”, a page showing new and upcoming games along with some of the best deals you can get currently released titles. You also can disable it if you so prefer which is a welcome setting. On top of that, the browser even comes in default dark mode which should be a welcome choice for the 99% of us that use Discord dark mode.

On the sidebar, you have a lot of very welcome and unexpected features. There’s the GX Control page that allows you to limit RAM and CPU usage from the browser, a built in Twitch extension with your followed channels, browser history, extensions, and settings.

When it comes to the settings themselves, it’s very expansive with more features than you could really ask for. Here are some of the most notable features

  • Custom wallpapers for the startup page
  • Additional shortcuts for the sidebar
  • Tab retention from your last session
  • Built-in VPN
  • Autofill for passwords and payment methos
  • Custom highlight colors
  • Built-in adblocker

They really thought of everything when they created this browser, and it feels very much “by gamers” rather than “for gamers” so to speak. If you’d like to get your hands on the browser yourself, you can download it on OperaGX’s official page.

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