In an interview with IGN, Aya Kyogoku along with Hisashi Nogami disclosed, among other details, that the island created by the first player will be shared among all the possible 8 profiles on the system. No reason was shared, but we can only imagine it’s because of item duplication and sharing features, especially with online features bound to be available in the game. This is a trademark feature across all the AC games, so it makes sense for Nintendo to continue the trend, especially with the multiplayer nature of the Switch.

Among other details recently unveiled about the game was the fact that cloud saves would not be supported for the game. One can only assume this is also due to save manipulation.

Isabelle will also be making an appearance, but apparently “players will have to earn her”. Isabelle was present in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and acted as your secretary.

As for some sad news, Mr. Resetti will be out of a job this game, due to a new auto-save feature being added. Kyogoku added that “Mr. Resetti is looking for a new job after his layoff.”

Source: IGN.

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