It was just yesterday that we received word of Dota Underlords, and we’re already getting details we weren’t supposed to get yet. These details were first found (and can still be found) via the WayBackMachine while searching up the Dota Underlords website today.

A lot of the website is quite broken, but we can gather a lot of things inferred from the text. One of the first things on the site is a Nintendo Switch release which we hadn’t known of till now. Scrolling down some more, you’ll discover a whole host of upcoming features they didn’t detail in the blog post. These features are a battle pass (likely similar to Dota 2’s pass), tournaments, rotations, a match replay system, and something titled “onlineoffline” which can be assumed to be the ability to play both online and offline but could mean something else.

A lot of these features definitely should be welcome to those looking to play Dota Underlords once it is available. You can check all this out for yourself by going to the website’s WayBackMachine page.

Dota Underlords is expected to release in open beta for Steam, Android, and iOS in about a week, with Dota 2 Battle Pass owners able to have preview build access right now.

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