In 2021, Sonic will turn 30! Yes, a wondrous moment such as this has to be celebrated correctly. In a recent interview with 4Gamer, Sonic Team Boss Takashi Iizuka, he stated the following:

I think planning for that 30th anniversary will have to begin now. I’d really like for us to take on some sort of new challenge for it though.

After being asked about eSports, and whether Sonic could fit into the world of eSports (also considering how successful eSports games are nowadays), he seemed to be a bit iffy on the topic.

I think there’s always the possibility… but Sonic will always be mainly an action-platformer, so going into that eSports arena might not be that feasible. But then I’m always willing to take on new genre challenges, like we did with the recent Team Sonic Racing. I think there’s always the chance that something suited to eSports might come out of those different projects.

There you have it. Iizuka didn’t necessarily seem against the idea, but thought it wasn’t going to be easy.

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