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Darkness, war, suffering. That is the world of Killzone, one of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s many IPs. It has been around since the PS2 days starting all the way back in 2004, becoming Guerrilla Games’ second game. It plots the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance against the great Helghan Empire, but I never really played the series for the story, I did it for the insanely addictive multiplayer.

The world of PlayStation has mainly been a single player oriented platform when it comes to exclusives. Sure, there’s a few multiplayer exclusives here and there like Hardware: Rivals and Helldivers, but there aren’t necessarily any AAA blockbusters that we can we can play. So let’s turn to Killzone, an extremely established series spanning 6 games across PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and PS Vita.

The series should be preserved, specifically since it intense gameplay alongside some gorgeous visuals. Guerrilla Games’ DECIMA Engine has evolved a load with Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn, Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding. So with the engine being evolved so much, you can expect things like graphical quality cranked to 11, improved performance, new features, and various other things. Killzone: Shadow Fall, the latest release in the series that landed on PS4’s launch day back in 2013, could benefit from 4K HDR, 3D Audio, and an expanded FOV. Alas, Guerrilla Games doesn’t seem to care. They finished working on Horizon: Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds back in late 2017 and we haven’t a clue on what they could be working on right now. PS4 Pro launched almost 3 years ago and a patch for the last Killzone title hasn’t happened. However, boost mode on PS4 Pro does at least help things along. Multiplayer framerate does increase on average, but not as much as it could with a full blown patch.

Couple a PS4 Pro patch with it becoming free for PlayStation Plus for a month will make this game flourish once again. While it sold millions, that was mainly due to it being one of the only games around the launch of PS4, now we’re almost 6 years in and there’s thousands of titles to play so sales have absolutely slowed down. Those millions of gamers aren’t likely recent purchases, which means the servers have died down. I’ve been trying to get into Shadow Fall games and unfortunately, all I get is 1v1 games for the most part. It is rare I will get into a game with even 4v4 anymore.

Something else Sony can try is bringing the superb Killzone: Mercenary (which is considered by many to be in the top 10 PS Vita games of all time) to PS4. Mercenary was developed by Guerrilla Cambridge, a sister studio to Guerrilla Games, they were shut down in early 2017 after the rather weak sales of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League for PS VR. So this means that Guerrilla Games, or a porting studio like Bluepoint Games, would need to bring that title to PS4. It is unlikely it seems, I believe without Guerrilla Cambridge this game is doomed to PS Vita’s fate. Why this hits hard to the extend it does is because the game changed things around, Mercenary isn’t like any others in the series since it relies on a money system that ties across all game modes. There is also a Valor system you can use to trade in for a massive lot of cash, so it gives the series a nice twist.

There is SOME hope for the Killzone series. Guerrilla Games has hired a few people from the Rainbow Six: Siege team over at Ubisoft Montreal to make a multiplayer title. Given Guerrilla Games said they wish to expand to 400 people to create 2 teams to make more than a single game at once, we could potentially see a new title in this beloved series.

Killzone at the end of the day is Sony’s most important multiplayer game in my eyes, even rivaling the almighty SOCOM series of the past. Fully single player isn’t the way to go for the PlayStation brand (mind you the series has both single player and multiplayer modes) and Killzone could spark some interest with people looking for something a little different. We can’t even turn to the past anymore, as Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 servers are no longer. I wish Sony Interactive Entertainment will hear the roars to bring this franchise back, as there have been loads of people asking for the return alongside a PS4 Pro patch for the PS4 launch day entry.

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